This one was submitted by my mom. I have tried this myself and absolutely love it for the treatment of colds, chest congestion, sore throats, and even for oral infections such as canker sores. Here is the recipe as my mom submitted it:

Honey and Lemon Tea
This is a recipe my mother passed down to me. It is a great cold remedy and feels really good when you are chilled to the bone.
1 cup hot water
juice of one lemon
2 TBs honey or to taste
dash of cayenne pepper

Heat the water alone then add the other ingredients. the lemon adds necessary acidity to an ailing body but the vitamin c (ascorbic acid) can be rendered useless by cooking. Honey is an amazing home remedy. It has antimicrobial qualities and sends that cold and flu bug packing. the capsacin in the cayenne is a natural pain reliever, so use as much as you can tolerate in the tea...but i recommend starting with a dash. For an added kick, try a dash of cinnamon as well to strengthen your heart. 

For added benefits you can exchange the hot water with a chamomile tea to help relax you while you're sick. Ginger can also be added to help calm your stomach when suffering from the flu or other stomach virus, and even morning sickness. The lemon is vital in this recipe as it can kill infections in the throat as well as help reduce fevers by encouraging sweating, this is why people love lemonade in the summer. It literally helps keep you cool by encouraging the body to sweat.

1/17/2012 06:59:21

Can you use bottled lemon?

The Imperfect Marriage
1/17/2012 11:13:39

Bottled lemon is totally fine. Fresh is best, but in a pinch bottled will do. I dont think there is a big enough difference between the two to worry about it too much, I just prefer the taste of fresh juice to the flavor of bottled.


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