This honey, nutmeg and cinnamon facial will soothe and calm your stressed-out skin while givng your skin a fresh glow. And, it smells like autumn... how can you say no to that?!

Here's how it works: Honey and nutmeg are  natural anti-inflammatory agents that help reduce redness and swelling in the skin. They’re also great for fighting and preventing infections that cause breakouts, as well as helping to heal acne scars. The nutmeg and cinnamon also gently exfoliate your skin if you wash the mask off using a small circular motion. Honey also does a great job of attracting moisture, so your skin will get a great nutrient boost too! 

NOTE: When making any homemade facial it is a good idea to do a skin test first, usually on the underside of the wrist, to make sure youre not allergic or will have a bad reaction to any of the ingredients, BEFORE applying it to your face. When your whole face is covered for a pre-big-event facial is a bad time to find out that your skin is sensitive to cinnamon... cuz you might be swollen and red for a day or two if you arent careful. So it’s always a good idea to do a small patch test with homemade mixes to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction to any ingredients.

2 tblspns Honey
1 tspn Cinnamon
1 tspn Nutmeg

Mix the 3 ingredients together to form a thick paste. Smooth over the face and allow it to set for 30 minutes then wash off with a soft cloth, scrubbing in a small circular motion to exfoliate. 

You may want to avoid applying the paste under the eyes and around the mouth, as these areas can sting a little. Also, the paste may cause a stinging sensation when applied to scars or blemishes. 

Try using 2 tspns of Pumpkin Pie Spice in place of the cinnamon and nutmeg. The clove in it will give you a fun tingling and warming sensation and the ginger in it is great for your skin too. Using this spice mix may sting slightly more than the original recipe.

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