Wanting to save a bit of money my mom decided she was going to start making her own toothpaste. I was a little skeptical of this at first but then I tried it. I absolutely fell in love and have decided to either get regular shipments of it from my mom or to start making it myself. In fact, my mom has been throwing around the idea of creating her own little small company to market this wonderful product. When she gets that up and running I will be sure to update this article with a link to the page.

The recipe is fairly simple but takes some experimentation to get the combination correct. Its baking soda, stevia, and peppermint oil. Baking soda is an abrasive agent that breaks up plaque to clean and whiten teeth naturally. Its low on the abrasive scale so those of you with sensitive teeth don't have to worry about it hurting to brush. In fact my mom and I have been religious Sensodyne users for a long time but have not had any sensitivity issues since switching to the tooth powder. Baking soda also fizzes a little to get between the teeth to help prevent cavities in those hard to reach areas. Because this tooth powder is non-fluoridated you don't have to worry about your kids swallowing too much of it, and it gives your mouth that wonderful fresh from the dentist feel. Stevia is a natural sweetener that makes the powder palatable and I find that the peppermint oil keeps my breath fresher longer than your average tooth paste. That clean feeling in your mouth also lasts longer. I started using the powder while I was home for Christmas. I was eating plenty of rich and sweet foods all day long and after brushing only one time in the morning I would wake up the next day and my teeth were still smooth and I did NOT have morning breath. Amazing! 
1/17/2012 00:55:58

Hey Colette can I try some? :)

1/18/2012 21:55:04

Absolutely, i have a batch made up. I will be in or neck of the woods/desert today. I can swing by and we can visit too. I've changed phones and don't have your number any more, so call me. I need your address


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