Ok, so going into labor is kinda scary. Its something we as women are both excited for and dread. Its a lot of unknown factors that can have a million and one different outcomes, not to mention that more than half of those outcomes include bringing home a new little person...and how the heck are you supposed to take care of it?! And they have to stick a needle in my what?!

Some of you may be wondering how I delivered and I admit, mine was actually a rather easy labor and delivery, so I hope no one holds that against me, but I did have an epidural and was induced. My labor lasted 6 hours and Elsa was born after just 30 minutes of pushing, if even that. But let me tell you how things went...

    Jacquie Fought

    I am wife, mother, lover, housekeeper and cook. I'm imperfect, so is my husband, and so is my marriage. And I wouldn't have it any other way!  


    January 2012