In the link below there are a number of other window cleaner recipes. I listed the two that looked the best and the easiest to make. Try a few to find out which one you like best and feel free to leave your reviews in a comment at the end of this article. We look forward to hearing about your experience!

Lemon Fresh Window Cleaner
3 TBS lemon juice (freshly squeezed)2 cups club soda (you can use water too or a mix of water and club soda but I prefer 100% club soda) 1 tsp cornstarch 
Pour everything into a spray bottle then shake well before using.

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I'm not sure what the corn starch does for the recipe but I'm planning to give it a shot to see how it works. The person who wrote the website said that of all the recipes she has seen this is the one she likes the most.

White Vinegar Window Cleaner
1/2 cup white vinegar
1 gallon warm water 

Mix and use with spray bottle.

Tips for Streak Free Windows:
  1. Make sure that whatever cloth you are using to clean the glass is clean, was washed without fabric softeners, and is lint free. If the cloth is not entirely clean, or was washed with fabric softeners, then it will leave streaks on the glass. If it is not lint free then it will leave little fibers all over the glass.
  2. Use Newspaper to clean your glass and windows. Im not sure what it is about newspaper but I have tried this and know it to be true. Avoid colored adds or glossy paper though, these can leave behind streaks and rainbows.
  3. Wash one side of the window in an up and down pattern and the other in a side to side pattern. This makes it easier to identify which side of the glass is streaked.
  4. Do not clean windows that are hot or in direct sunlight. The cleaner will dry too quickly, leaving streaks or water spots. Wait till the widow is cool or out of direct sunlight before cleaning.
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