I LOVE that super ridiculously expensive lavender linen spray you can buy at Pottery Barn but I HATE the price. Its a lavender scented spray that you can use to dampen clothes while ironing, and to freshen up linens that tend to smell a little musty after having been in storage for a while. And with one easy step you can also turn this spray into a light starch ironing spray.

So here is the basic recipe:

16 or 32 oz. spray bottle
2 tbsp. 100 proof vodka or rubbing alcohol
Your choice of two oils, such as jasmine, bergamot, lavender, etc.
Distilled water
  1. Mix the 2 tbsp. of alcohol and your choice of these oils in the bottle as follows:
    - 1 teaspoon jasmine oil and ½ teaspoon bergamot oil
    - 1 teaspoon lavender oil and ½ teaspoon sandalwood oil
    - 1 teaspoon vanilla oil and 2 drops ginger oil
  2. Then, add distilled water to the bottle until it is almost full.
  3. Screw on the cap and shake the bottle to disperse the oils evenly throughout.
  4. Shake lightly before each use.

You can use pretty much whatever essential oils you like. Lemon can also be used but for this I would recommend using lemon oil rather than juice. Lemon juice, when heated, tends to burn or turn brown. This can ruin fabrics. This can also be used in place of Febreeze or other fabric freshening sprays.

To make this a starch spray add 1 tspn for every 16 oz of water and use in a spray bottle. The liquid will be milky in color. Be sure to shake it up before each use as the corn starch may settle. If the spray makes your clothing too stiff try dumping a little out and add more water. If you'd like the fabric to be more stiff, simply add more starch to the water.
Mom (Colette)
2/12/2012 09:38:16

You don't HAVE to use vodka... Rubbing Alcohol will work just as well. :)

4/29/2014 08:55:07

Rubbing alcohol IS listed as an alternative.....


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