Ear infections, and the sore throat that results from it draining into your throat, can be nasty. But sometimes you don't have time to see the doctor, don't want to take another possibly useless or damaging antibiotic, or dont have the money to see a physician... so here are some relatively cheap ways you can treat your ear infection at home. 

**Important Note**
NEVER treat an ear infection at home if there is any kind of discharge, pus or blood oozing from the ear. In these cases the infection is quite serious and requires professional medical attention. 

These remedies, particularly the Garlic Oil is safe, gentle, and effective for treating ear infections in children. Keeping garlic tincture and/or oil around will allow you to swiftly and safely treat ear infections, which ultimately reduces the length of the infection and decreases your child's chances of needing tubes put in their ears.